About Us


Chorost & Co is a luxury watch and jewelry wholesaler direct to the consumer. We sell a wide selection of certified pre-owned brand-name jewelry, luxury watches, and custom designed pieces at prices 50% to 75%  below retail. We invite you to browse our vast selection and ever changing merchandise. At Chorost & Co we pride ourselves on delivering the lowest prices for brands such as Rolex, Cartier,  Tiffany & Co., Bvlgari, David Yurman, Omega, and many more brands.  Our goal is to build long-term relationships with our customers and create a memorable shopping experience. We can help you find the pieces you love at a price you’ll love.

At Chorost & Co we are 100% honest and transparent about our items and our goal is to educate the public before they make their purchase so they are happy years or decades later with their decision they make today. We want our clients to understand the market, grading systems in place, appraisals and the true value of an item.

The Chorost family has been in the business of buying fine jewelry for over 50 years. The Chorost family would buy estate jewelry and sell it direct to other dealers in the business worldwide. When there was an abundance of demand of consumers in the market asking Chorost to sell direct to the public it prompted the direct to consumer sales. We were and are ashamed of traditional jewelers and big box jewelry stores selling jewelry at 5x to 10x times markups to the public while telling them it was a great investment, they will be happy with their purchase, and then years down the road to find out they made a mistake and were lied too. Jewelry doesn’t have to break the bank and our mission is to sell jewelry direct to the consumer for everyday use. We want to educate our clients to make the best decisions about their financial future with the ancient sign of wealth of precious metals and jewelry. Robert and Julia Chorost wanted to create a business where customers can shop the brands they love without the high retail prices, and provide an exceptional customer service experience which today is unfortunately hard to find. At Chorost & Co, the customer is our top priority. We hand select all of our inventory to ensure we offer the highest quality jewelry and watches at the lowest prices. When you shop with Chorost & Co, you can expect to get the piece you love at a great price.


Because of our vast history with the buying process, we are able to provide items at a significant discount from their original retail price. We specialize in providing only the highest quality jewelry and watches at great prices. Our buyers go through an extremely thorough buying process that gets verified by our purchasing professionals to ensure that each piece is authentic, and in amazing condition. We provide all of our services in-house from appraisals to custom jewelry manufacturing.